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Acoustic Drum Kits


The Rally Sport is the ultimate kit for the gigging drummer. Made of 100% alder to give a ddrum twist to the classic club date kit. Click above for details.

Mercury Hardware

Fat Thrones

Welcome the new Mercury Hardware Throne Series. These FAT thrones are 5.5 inch thick padded with vinyl exterior and are very comfortable. Take your pick with our FOUR different color combinations that match your personality.

Electronic Kits


This compact e-kit is the answer, if practice and space are an issue. Perfect for apartment use, rehearsal, or to practice without waking the neighbors. Also great as a tool for beginners to hone their new drumming abilities.


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Reflex Series

It was a complex premise that started us on this road. Create a drum set that was visually and sonically stunning, while keeping it in the reach of drummers in the field. We wanted the shell hardware to be rock solid, so there would be no corners cut there. It needed to be a professional sounding tone so We then turned to wood selection. We could either use lesser-quality versions of birch or maple, or try something completely different. This lead us to alder. This wood had a serious pedigree, being used in top quality vintage guitars and basses for over 50 years. Never for drums, though…so we rolled the dice. The result has been the unofficial flagship of ddrum ever since. It birthed the term "Aldertone" to describe its elusive qualities. Great attack, amazing low end, and just enough mid-range to keep the note sweet. All, in a perfectly pre Eq'ed package. From the tone and affordability of Reflex standard, all the way to the swagger and style found in the new Rally Sport kit…Reflex covers the bases, from the garage to the arena!

Product Support

Having trouble setting up your ddrum products?

Product Support

Kit Assembly

ddrum artist Tim Yeung demonstrates how to unpack and assemble your new ddrum D2 Drum Kit in these five descriptive videos.

Product Support

Trigger Guide

Drum triggering 101! Here is a quick guide to getting started with ddrum triggers for your acoustic drum set! This guide breaks down installation of the triggers on the toms, bass drum and snare. We then run through a couple of grooves to illustrate how the DD1 drum module can be used to enhance, or even change the way an acoustic drum set will sound.

Product Support


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Vinnie Paul

From his historic run with Pantera to world tours in the metal super group "Hellyeah", there's only one word to describe Vinnie Paul - Legendary. ddrum® has been with Vinnie since the days of Pantera…whether building his ddrum® USA Custom kit or providing accessories like "industry-standard" triggers, tour-tested Mercury Hardware, drum modules and more.

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ddrum is an innovator in electronic drum kits, as well as a leading manufacturer of drum sets, hybrid drums, drum triggers, drum hardware, electronic drum pads, junior drum sets, bass drum pedals, electronic drum amps and much more. Founded in 1983, we are the pioneers of digital percussion and have expanded our product line making us a full line drum company. We design acoustic drum sets, electronic drum kits, industry standard drum triggers and high quality drum hardware that deliver the performance & innovation desired by today’s drummer. ddrum - Everything for Today's Drummer.

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