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Hardware from ddrum is designed for working drummers, with features that are functional and make sense. As a company of full of drummers, we are aware of the small things that can cause big frustrations when using and adjusting hardware. We’ve tried our best to improve the features to limit the barriers between a drummer and a great performance.


quicksilver direct drive double pedal
quicksilver direct drive single pedal
rx series double bass drum pedal
rx series single bass drum pedal 

hardware pack

rx series hardware pack

Hi Hat Stands

rx pro series 2 legged hi hat stand
rx series 3 legged hi hat stand
rx pro series 3 legged hi hat stand
mercury auxiliary hi hat attachment

Drum Thrones

rx series lightweight throne
rx series throne swivel adjustment
 fat throne black w/ black velvet top
 fat throne black w/ red velvet top

Cymbal Stands

rx series 3 tier boom stand
rx series 3 tier straight stand
rx series boom arm attachment
rx pro series 3 tier cymbal boom stand

Snare Stands

RX Series Snare STand

Tom Stands

Rx Series Double Tom Stand


Mercury Bass to Hi Hat Clamp
RX Series Multi Clamp
RX Series Two Sided Clamp