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Vintone Elemental Steel 5x14 Snare

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New from ddrum - the VintoneĀ™ 5x14 Steel snare! The overall sound is bright and cutting, yet with balanced, musical tone.
What drummers need are tools that work - not complications. ddrum's new VintoneĀ™ series metal snares offer vintage tone, with modern appointments. This simplified line of elegant snare choices will complement any playing style - from jazz to metal, country to R&B - in the studio, or onstage. Visit your nearest ddrum dealer and try them all!

Check out our Vintone magazine ads, 'metal to match your mood' and 'Timeless tones, today!'

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5" x 14"steel shell2.3mm steel hoopsbox throwoffbright & cuttingSKU: VT SD 5X14 STEEL