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DD1M Electronic Drum Module

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The DD1M drum module is a very capable and versatile control center for your triggers. With 30 editable onboard kits, you can go from a rock groove to a Carribbean beat - or a custom groove - with a simple push of a button. If you are considering considering adding electronic pieces to your acoustic kit, or adding triggers to them, you really need a DD1M drum module.

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Kit Configuration
ddrum product Image fluid
Red with black accents
Kit Configuration
Aux In Dual Line Out (9) Inputs Midi Out Reverb, Gain, 30 Stock Kits 215 Total sounds 50 Play along songs 20 Pre set kits 10 user kits
Wood Configuration
Lug Type
Hoop Spec
Plys Tom
Plys Bass Drum
Plys Snare Drum
Shell Construction
Specs (Other)
Dual outputs Auxiliary in Headphone jack On board click track On board metronome Midi out Editable reverb and gain 30 Onboard kits Nine Inputs: Kick drum Tom 1 Tom 2 Tom 3 Snare drum Ride cymbal Crash cymbal Hi Hat cymbals Hi Hat controller