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Hybrid/ Zildjian Bundle

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The Exclusive ddrum Hybrid Bundle is now available in limited quantities. This bundle includes everything you need to go completely acoustic or completely Electronic. The ddrum/Zildjian bundle includes the following items.

- 5pc Hybrid CK acoustic kit with mylar drumheads
- 4pc Zildjian G16BS2DS pack which includes the new Gen 16 hybrid electronic cymbals. This pack includes 13inch hat hats, 16inch crash and a 18inch Crash/Ride. Includes the Gen 16 processor, cables and pick ups.

- Set of 5 mesh heads.
- Set of 5 XLR to 1/4 cables.
- DD5XM drum module.
- RXHP hardware pack.

The bundle enables the player to use the Hybrid kit with Zildjian Gen 16 cymbals in a complete acoustic setup. Or simply switch to the mesh heads and utilize the internal triggers on the hybrid CK to have a completely electronic kit. This kit can even be used as quiet low volume acoustic kit. This hybrid bundle has you covered in all situations. For more information on the Zildjian cymbals please click on the link below.

Video not available.

Kit Configuration
ddrum product Image fluid
Item ID
Satin Black
Product Details
-5.5x10 Tom -5.5x12 Tom -6x14 Tom -10x18 Bass drum -5x13 Snare
Wood Configuration
Lug Type
Hybrid Lug
Hoop Spec
1.6 MM Triple Flanged
Plys Tom
Plys Bass Drum
Plys Snare Drum
Shell Construction
Bearing Edge Spec
45 degree
Suspension Mount Type
Rims mount
Specs (Other)
Hybrid CK---kit G16BS2DS----zildjian kit- includes 13 inch hi hats, 16inch crash, 18inch crash/ride, Cymbal processor, cables and all necessary attachment pieces DD5XM------Module 6999 RA x5---cables RXHP---Hardware pack RXC or RXMC---Clamp to mount  modules MHB10 MHB12 MHB14-----------Mesh heads skus for hybrid CK setup. MHB13 MHB18