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M.A.X 5pc kit Limited Edition - Shell Pack

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Spinning out of the incredibly popular 10th Anniversary drum set, ddrum’s new MAX series is a true triumph in drum tone. Pairing alder’s dark focused and warm tone, with the cut, sustain and presence of maple; the MAX series achieves near perfect pitch and sustain, through the entire tuning range. Alder provides a natural separation between each note in the drum set arsenal, allowing every drum size to sit perfectly in the mix; whether live or in the studio. Available in 2 standard colors, gloss black and satin natural, as well as a limited edition Purple Sparkle Burst exclusive to the 2016 launch of the series. 2 Core configurations allow you to customize the size of your kit with selected add on toms, bass drums, and 2 depths of snare drum. The drums feature our integrated Fixtpitch mounting hardware on all toms, solid brass tube lugs on toms and bass drums.Bass drums also include Resolift isolators and all of the shell hardware is plated in black nickel. A complete series for a complete drum kit experience. ddrum is happy to help you take your tone... TO THE MAX!

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Kit Configuration
ddrum product Image fluid
Item ID
Purple Sparkle burst
Product Details
-7x10 Rack tom -8x12 Rack tom -13x14 Floor tom -14x16 Floor tom -20x22 bass drum -Shell pack only. Cymbals and stands sold separately
Wood Configuration
Maple/Alder Blend
Lug Type
Hoop Spec
Die Cast
Plys Tom
Plys Bass Drum
Plys Snare Drum
Shell Construction
Bearing Edge Spec
30 Degree outer 45 degree inner
Suspension Mount Type
Fixt -Pitch mount
Specs (Other)
-Black chrome hardware -Solid brass tube lugs -Ddrum Fixtpitch suspension mount -Ddrum Reso lifts -Maple/ Alder shell blend 2 plies maple 4 plies Alder( 2 plies maple 6 plies Alder on Bass drums - Evans G2 Clear Batter heads -Limited to 50 worldwide with certificate and numbered