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Ddrum Quicksilver direct drive double pedal

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ddrum is now providing its own take on the direct-drive pedal. Precision manufactured to be light, fast and strong, our Quicksilver pedals deliver on all fronts, for any drummer looking for speed or power. Pedal can be quickly changed from a direct-drive to a concentric chain-drive pedal... The ultimate in versatility. The double pedal also features a precision machined universal joint, for flawless translation of your left-foot strokes.

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Kit Configuration
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Product Details
  • First ever ddrum direct drive pedal
  • Long board pedal design
  • Smooth action for speed and precision
  • Adjustable beater distance
  • Offers the option to swap out the direct drive to a chain drive pedal
  • Precision universal joint
  • Wood Configuration
    Lug Type
    Hoop Spec
    Plys Tom
    Plys Bass Drum
    Plys Snare Drum
    Shell Construction
    Bearing Edge Spec
    Suspension Mount Type
    Specs (Other)
  • Multi tool
  • Heel blocks
  • Chain cams
  • Footboard weights