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MAX series 6.5x14 snare drum PIano Black

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Blended wood shell, featuring 2 outer plies of maple and 6 inner plies of alder. MAX snares feature a snappy attack, and a punchy tone. A great all-purpose snare. Die-cast hoops allow for more stable tuning, as well as enhanced rim shot and rim click sounds.

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Item ID
MAX SD 6.5X14 PB
Piano Black
Product Details
Wood Configuration
Maple/Alder blend
Lug Type
Tube lug
Hoop Spec
Plys Tom
Plys Bass Drum
Plys Snare Drum
Shell Construction
Bearing Edge Spec
30 degree outer 45 degree inner
Suspension Mount Type
Specs (Other)
  • 6.5x14 shell size
  • Black chrome hardware
  • 10 double sided tube lugs
  • Box throw off
  • Evans coated snare head
  • 6 inner plies of Alder
  • 2 outer plies of Maple
  • Piano black lacquer finish