Vinnie Paul Bass Drum Trigger

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Vinnie Paul Bass Drum Trigger


Legendary groove metal drummer Vinnie Paul made a living pummeling audiences around the world on whatever stage he played with Pantera, Hellyeah and Damageplan. And one would have a hard time finding him without his ddrum triggers by his side. For the majority of his career, he mixed his electronic and acoustic sounds together to absolutely dominate. The ddrum Vinnie Paul Series Bass Drum Trigger features an improved transducer for increased sensitivity and parameter adjustments, an updated wiring harness and XLR input for a secure connection just like our CE model. In addition, it has a new sleek satin black finish and a rugged-built chassis for roadworthy use.

Product Details:
  • Improved transducer for increased sensitivity and parameter adjustments
  • Updated wiring harness
  • New sleek satin black finish
  • XLR input for secure connection
  • Rugged built chassis for roadworthy use
  • Best if used with the ddrum 6999 cables or any after market cable XLR to 1/4 with PIN 2 HOT.

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