Vinnie Paul Snakeskin Stick Bag

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Vinnie Paul Snakeskin Stick Bag


Legendary groove metal drummer Vinnie Paul made a living pummeling audiences around the world on whatever stage he played with Pantera, Hellyeah and Damageplan. And one would have a hard time finding him without his ddrum triggers by his side. For the majority of his career, he mixed his electronic and acoustic sounds together to absolutely dominate. To honor the late great drummer, ddrum is proud to offer the Vinnie Paul Stick Bag finally a bag worthy and authentic enough to be graced with his name on it. Featuring a snakeskin outer cover, the stick bag is deluxe sized with four sleeves for sticks, two inner pockets for storage and two outer pockets for storage. It also includes a Vinnie Paul badge on the front and signature log inside.

Product Details:
  • Deluxe Sized Bag
  • 4 Sleeves for Sticks
  • 2 Inner Pockets for Storage
  • 2 Outer Pockets for Storage
  • Snakeskin Outer Cover
  • Vinnie Paul Badge on the Front
  • Vinnie Paul Signature Logo Inside
  • Bag is about 19 inches long by 11 inches wide

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