Mercury 3 tier Boom stand

MSRP:  $247.00



Mercury 3 tier Boom stand


This three-tiered boom stand is loaded with usable features. The disappearing boom arm allows the stand to be used as a straight or a boom stand, allowing for the drummer to spread out for maximum comfort, or pull in tightly for smaller stages all the while, allowing for perfect cymbal placement with the micro-geared tilter. All tiers, including the boom arm, include memory locks to assure consistent placement night after night, session after session. The memory lock on the bottom tier allows for consistently perfect leg positioning, and the double-D wing nuts are substantial without being overbearing allowing for great grip when adjusting height or position. The Mercury-exclusive molded feet allow not only for slip-free placement, but preserve the resonance of cymbals or any toms suspended off of the stand.

Product Details:
  • Convertible boom to straight stand
  • Double Braced hardware
  • 3 tier boom stand
  • tube diameters 15 mm,22 mm and 27 mm
  • Signature branded Ddrum wing nuts
  • Molded memory locks
  • Boom length approximately 16 inches
  • Maximum height approximately 65 inches
  • Lowest height approximately 35 inches

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