Dominion Birch 6pc Shell Pack with Ash Veneer Gloss Natural

MSRP:  $1729.00



Dominion Birch 6pc Shell Pack with Ash Veneer Gloss Natural


The ddrum Dominion series is back and ready to play! Right out of the box! Our 6-Piece Exotic Ash Veneer Lacquer kits boast Birch shells, 10 lug kick with that deep kick aesthetic, and all drums with premium REMO heads - pinstripes for toms, reverse dot on the snare, and clear P3 on the kick. Couple this with matching snares with die cast hoops, popular ddrum configuration, classic dominion style box lugs, and these kits are not only eye-catching, but extremely superior tonally.

Product Details:
  • 8x10 tom
  • 9x12 tom
  • 14x14 floor tom
  • 14x16 floor tom
  • 20x22 bass drum
  • 7x13 snare drum w/ Diecast hoops
  • Shell Pack only. Cymbals and hardware sold separately.

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    Item ID
    DM ASH 622 GN
    Gloss Natural Lacquer
    Wood Configuration
    Ash Veneer/ Birch shell
    Lug Type
    Classic Dominion box lug
    Hoop Spec
    2.3mm tripled flanged for toms. Diecast included on snare drum.
    Plys Tom
    Plys Bass Drum
    Plys Snare Drum
    Bearing Edge Spec
    45 degree
    Suspension Mount Type
    Integrated 3 point mount
    Kit Configuration
    Dominion Birch 6pc Shell Pack with Ash Veneer Gloss Natural

    Additional Specs

  • Hi gloss lacquer finish with exotic ash outer veneer
  • Birch shell
  • Matching snare drum with diecast hoops
  • Chrome hardware
  • 2.3 Triple flanged hoops for the toms
  • Classic Dominion box style lugs
  • 10 lug batter and resonant side for the bass drum
  • Integrated tom suspension system
  • Remo drum heads included. Clear pinstripes for the toms, Reverse dot for the snare and a clear P3 bass drum head.






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