Chrome Elite Trigger Pack

MSRP:  $429.00



Chrome Elite Trigger Pack


Chrome Elite drum triggers represent our pinnacle of trigger construction and performance in a brand-new chrome finish. Features an updated transducer and wiring harness. ddrum triggers are compatible with almost all drum modules. As long as they feature a 1/4 plug in and parameter adjustments for sensitivity. Use them to create your own hybrid drum Set. This package includes triggers for a standard 5pc kit.

Product Details:
  • 3 Tom Triggers(single zone)
  • 1 kick Trigger
  • 1 Dual zone Snare Trigger
  • Improved Transducer for increased sensitivity and parameter adjustments
  • Update Wiring harness
  • New sleek Chrome Finish
  • Snare trigger is dual zone Trigger that translates head and rim hit separately
  • XLR input for secure connection
  • Rugged built chassis for roadworthy use
  • Best if used with the Ddrum 6997 Cables or to utilize dual zone functions.

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