Taking care of your ddrum

  • Drum finishes (list the different finishes of our acoustics and electrics here and how they should be cleaned and maintained)

    ○ Gloss Lacquer-similar to a car finish. We recommend: Music Nomad Drum Detailer

    ○ Satin Lacquer-mild detergent, followed by Minwax application.

    ○ Wraps-Music Nomad Drum Detailer

  • Tuning-will vary from drum to drum. Our drums are designed to respond positively to all brand name drum heads.  Alder drums especially are greatly affected by changing brand and type of drum head. We generally tune our drums with bottom heads a half-turn or more higher than the batter heads.
  • Difference between finishes-high gloss lacquer has a polished clear coat, that gives the drum a deep shine. Satin lacquer allows the drum to retain a “woody” appearance and feel. It also allows for a slightly more open shell tone.  Wrapped finishes vary greatly in texture and appearance, generally giving the drum a more vintage or flashy look.  Their durability is high, as most are scratch-resistant.  They also have a very slight muting or warming effect on the sound of the drum.
  • Storing-cool, moisture free, and in bags or cases.  General rule of thumb, if a person would be comfortable in an environment, a drum will be as well.  Avoid drastic temperature changes whenever possible, as it will cause wood to expand or contract. Do not store drums with heads removed, as the head tension helps keep the shell in the round.
  • Add On Drums-Contact your local authorized ddrum dealer to check if there are available components that can be ordered.Once a color has been discontinued it can no longer be manufactured but contact your local authorized ddrum dealer to check if there are available components that can be ordered.
  • Warranty Info-Please visit the warranty section of the website for specifics.

Hardware, Pedals & Accessories

Adjusting your…

  • Hi-Hat- The only adjustment is for spring tension. Loosen the drum key screw just above the footboard.
  • Pedal- ddrum pedals feature different adjustments depending on the model.  Please consult the owner’s manual section of the site for specifics.

Miscellaneous Questions

Q – Can I buy directly from ddrum?

A – Yes, but with a twist.  Our commitment to local retailers has led us to creating a solution that allows you to buy directly from ddrum on-line, but have the sale credited to and processed by local participating stores that have the product ordered.  

Q – Where is my order?

If you ordered from us online you will first be sent a confirmation email, with a follow-up email containing tracking info when the item ships. Email customerservice@ddrum.com for further information.

Q – What is ddrum’s warranty policy?

A – Please refer to the warranty page

Q – Can I order discontinued series drums?

A – Once a series has been discontinued it is no longer available for sale.  Discontinued products may still be available via our dealers & sites like ebay.