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Dominion Series Birch Drum Kits by ddrum

Back in 2005, ddrum released the first version on the Dominion Series, becoming an industry leading drumkit that shattered the perception of price vs quality. It quickly became one of the best selling drumkits and changed the landscape of the drumming industry. The ddrum Dominion series is back, now with upgraded finishes and performance enhancements that elevate these drums to a new level. Dominion drums feature 100% Birch shells that are bright with balanced with full range overtones and plenty of attack and are offered in a wide range of finish options.

Dominion Specifications and Details


Drum wraps are typically characterized by their premium materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail. These high-end wraps are designed to not only provide a visually stunning appearance but also to enhance the overall quality and perception of the drum. The manufacturing process for drum wraps involves precision and attention to detail. The wraps are cut and applied with care to ensure a seamless and flawless finish. ddrum Dominion Birch comes in three high-end wrap finishes that include: Brushed Olive Metallic, Satin Bubinga and Paper White Birch.


100% Birch Shells

The ddrum Dominion Birch series drums are made of 100% birch which is a popular choice among drummers due to the unique characteristics of birch wood. Here are some key features and considerations associated with 100% birch drum shells:

Sound Characteristics 

  • Birch is known for its bright and focused sound. Drum shells made from birch often produce a well-defined attack, clear articulation, and a balanced mix of high and mid-range frequencies. The tonal qualities of birch make it suitable for various music genres, including pop, rock, and jazz.

Projection and Volume:

  • Birch drum shells are renowned for their excellent projection and volume. The wood’s stiffness allows the drum to cut through the mix, making it particularly well-suited for live performances and situations where a powerful and projecting sound is desired.


  • Birch is a versatile wood that adapts well to different tuning ranges. Drummers can achieve a wide range of tones by adjusting the tuning of birch shells, making them suitable for various playing styles and musical contexts.

Bearing Edge:

  • Dominion series shells feature a dual 45 degree bearing edge. This angle affects the shell’s tonal characteristics, providing a balance between warmth and attack. A 45-degree bearing edge is known for versatile sound suitable for various music genres.


  • Birch is a dense and sturdy wood, providing durability to drum shells. This durability contributes to the longevity of the drums, making them capable of withstanding the rigors of regular playing and touring.

Snappy and Responsive:

  • Birch shells are known for their snappy and responsive nature. The wood’s characteristics allow for quick and controlled rebound, making it easier for drummers to execute fast and intricate patterns with precision.

Preferred for Recording:

  • Birch drums are often favored in studio recording environments due to their focused and well-defined sound. The clarity of birch can make it easier for engineers to capture and shape the desired drum tones during recording sessions.

Hardware Specifications

The Dominion series is known for its distinctive characteristics, including innovative hardware and construction.

This includes the low mass drum lugs which are designed to minimize the weight of the lug itself, allowing for greater resonance and sustain of the drum. This design choice can contribute to a more open and lively sound, as the drum shell is less encumbered by heavy hardware. The swivel insert allows for accurate tuning. Low mass lugs are often favored by drummers who prioritize achieving a more natural and resonant drum tone

Integrated 3-point

tom mounting system 

The Integrated 3- point Tom Isolation Suspension System, often referred to as a tom mount or tom holder, is a hardware feature included on ddrum’s Dominion Series drum kits. It is designed to isolate mounted toms from the drum shell. The purpose of this system is to reduce shell-to-shell contact and minimize the transfer of vibrations between drums, but at the same time, enhance projection and attack. This helps allow for a cleaner and more focused sound. Here are key features and benefits associated with integrated tom isolation suspension system:

Minimization of Shell Contact:

  • The system minimizes the contact points between the tom and the drum shell, reducing any dampening effects that direct contact might have on the drum’s natural resonance.

Improved Projection:

  • Enhanced resonance and sustain contribute to improved projection, allowing the sound of the tom to carry better in live performances or recording situations.

Customization and Adjustability:

  • This tom suspension systems offer adjustability, allowing drummers to fine-tune the angle, height, and isolation level of each tom to suit their playing preferences.


  • This integrated tom isolation system is designed to provide stability to the mounted toms, preventing unnecessary movement during play and ensuring consistent positioning.

Consistent Drumhead Response:

  • The drumhead responds more consistently to each stroke, allowing drummers to achieve a more controlled and predictable feel while playing.

Snare Throw off


The new side arm throw-off features a lever that players can manipulate to adjust the position of the snare wires. Moving the lever engages or disengages the snare wires from the bottom drumhead. This design is made for quick and efficient adjustments. Players can easily switch between different snare wire tensions or engage/disengage the snare sound rapidly during a performance.

    Triple Flanged Hoops


    Dominion Birch Series drum include triple-flanged drum hoops, also known as triple-flanged rims or triple-flanged hoops. These hoops are characterized by their three-fold design, featuring three outwardly flanged edges. They play a significant role in providing structural support to the drumhead and influencing the drum’s overall sound.

    Here are some key features regarding the triple flanged hoops.


    • Triple-flanged drum hoops are made from steel. The metal construction provides durability and structural integrity to the hoop


    • Triple-flanged hoops are versatile and are used on the toms and snare drum. Their design allows for flexibility in tuning and a wide range of playing styles.


    • Triple-flanged hoops are generally lighter than die-cast hoops, which can impact the drum’s overall sustain and resonance. The lighter weight allows for more drumhead movement and can contribute to a more open and dynamic sound.


      • Drummers often appreciate triple-flanged hoops for their ability to produce clear and distinct rimshots. The design allows the drumstick to make solid contact with the hoop, creating a sharp and pronounced sound.

      Tuning Range:

      • The triple-flanged design provides a broader tuning range compared to die-cast hoops. Drummers can achieve various tensions and tones by adjusting the tuning screws across the three flanged edges.


      • Drums with 10 lugs are often considered versatile because drummers can achieve a wide range of tunings. This is particularly beneficial for drummers who play various genres of music that may require different snare or bass drum sounds.

      Snare Sensitivity:

      • In the case of a 10-lug snare drum, the additional lugs can contribute to improved snare sensitivity. This means that the snare wires respond more accurately to subtle changes in playing dynamics.

      Tonal Range:

      • A drum with more lugs provides a broader tonal range. Drummers can experiment with different tunings to explore various sounds, from tight and focused to deep and resonant.

      Popular in Higher-End Drums:

      • Drums with more lugs are often found in higher-end drum kits. While there are exceptions, higher-end drums typically feature more lugs as part of their design, offering enhanced performance and customization options.

      Ten Lug Snare and Bass Drum


      The ddrum Dominion series Feature 10-lug snare and bass drums. This means that both the snare and bass drum feature ten tension lugs on each drumhead. The number of lugs on a drum affects its tuning capabilities, tension distribution, and overall sound characteristics. Here’s what you might expect from a 10-lug bass drum and snare drum:

      Tuning Precision:

      • More lugs generally provide finer control over tuning. With 10 lugs, drummers have more points of adjustment to achieve precise tensioning of the drumheads, allowing for greater control over pitch and tone

      Even Tension:

      • The additional lugs help distribute tension more evenly across the drumhead. This can contribute to a more balanced and responsive drum, reducing the likelihood of uneven tuning or warping of the drumhead.


      • Even tension from multiple lugs can enhance the resonance of the drum. The drumhead vibrates more uniformly, producing a fuller and more resonant sound.


      • A drum with more lugs can offer increased durability, as the tension is distributed over a greater number of points. This can help prevent issues such as warping or uneven wear on the drumhead.

        Remo Drum Heads


        The Dominion series includes Remo Pinstripe, Reverse Dot, and Powerstroke 3 drumhead models. Each of these models is designed for specific purposes and offers unique features that cater to different drumming styles and preferences.

        Remo Pinstripe: Toms

        • The Remo Pinstripe series is known for its two-ply construction, featuring two layers of Mylar film. The layers are bonded together to create a dense and focused sound. The Pinstripe heads are often characterized by their quick decay, reduced sustain, and a pronounced attack
        • The main advantage of Pinstripe heads is their ability to control overtones, providing a controlled and warm sound. They are commonly used in rock, pop, and fusion genres, where a focused and punchy sound is desired.

        Remo Reverse Dot: Snare Drum

        • Reverse Dot heads featuring an added dot on the bottom side (underside) of the drumhead. This dot reinforces the center of the head, adding durability and focusing the attack even further.

        •  Reverse Dot heads are favored by drummers who seek a controlled sound with added durability in the center. The dot helps produce a more defined attack while maintaining the warmth and control associated with Pinstripe heads. These heads are commonly used in heavier playing styles like hard rock and metal

        Remo Powerstroke 3 (P3): Bass Drum

        • The Remo Powerstroke 3 series is designed for bass drum applications. These single-ply heads feature a thin underlay at the outer edge, enhancing the head’s durability and focusing the sound.

        • Powerstroke 3 heads are known for providing a balanced mix of attack, low-end warmth, and controlled sustain. They are widely used in various music genres, including rock, pop, jazz, and more.

        Available Configurations

        4-Piece Drum Kits

        dominion birch 4pc shell pack brushed olive metallic wrap
        Dominion Birch 4pc shell pack satin bubinga wrap
        dominion birch 4pc shell pack paper white birch wrap

        5-Piece Drum Kits

        dominion birch 5pc shell pack brushed olive metallic wrap
        Dominion Birch 5pc shell pack satin bubinga wrap
        dominion birch 5pc shell pack paper white birch wrap

        6-Piece Drum Kits

        dominion birch 6pc shell pack brushed olive metallic wrap
        Dominion Birch 6pc shell pack satin bubinga wrap
        dominion birch 6pc shell pack paper white birch wrap