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Dios Maple 5pc with exotic zebra wood veneer shell pack

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If you were ever looking for a kit to make the rest of the band jealous, this is it! The ddrum Dios maple with exotic zebra wood veneer kit packs the perfect amount of style and function that is sure to be the envy of every stage it graces. Thin North American Maple shells deliver the unmistakable sound that the Dios line of drums are known for. The limited edition kit features ddrum proprietary hardware, including our fix pitch mount and patented reso lifts. Partnered with black chrome hardware and classic ddrum bullet tube lugs, this is one kit that needs to be front and center.

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Kit Configuration
ddrum product Image fluid
Item ID
Gloss Natural Lacquer
Product Details
  • 7x10 tom
  • 8x12 tom
  • 14x14 floor tom
  • 14x16 floor tom
  • 18x22 bass drum
  • Shell Pack only. Cymbals and hardware sold separately.
  • Wood Configuration
    North American Maple/ With Zebra wood veneer
    Lug Type
    Bullet Tube Lug
    Hoop Spec
    2.3 MM Triple Flanged
    Plys Tom
    Plys Bass Drum
    Plys Snare Drum
    Shell Construction
    Bearing Edge Spec
    45 degree inner with 30 degree outer
    Suspension Mount Type
    Fix Pitch mount
    Specs (Other)
  • Fixtpitch mount
  • Reso lifts
  • Protective Rubber Claw hooks
  • Thin Maple shells
  • 30/45 bearing edge
  • Black Chrome Hardware
  • Classic bullet tube lug
  • 2.3mm Hoops
  • Evans heads included G2 For Batter, G1 for Resonant. EQ4 for Bass drum.
  • Exotic zebra wood veneer