Dios Maple 3pc Emerald Green Sparkle Shell Pack

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ddrum's flagship drum set, bringing back our original deep-kick aesthetic. North American maple shells form the core of these pro-quality drums. Outfitted with ddrum's original bullet tube lug in chrome. Dios shell hardware has been upgraded to include ddrum's proprietary Fixpitch mounting system. This allows maximum resonance with added stability. Bass drums feature our Resolifts which allows decoupling of the bass drum from the floor, as well as providing extra stability to minimize forward creep. Bass drum claws now feature rubber tips, to allow the bass drum to be stored vertically if necessary while protecting the matching wood hoops. Finishes are UV cured lacquer for the most stunning appearance possible. Available in full on rock sizes, for maximum volume, projection and power.

Finishes & Variations

Emerald Green Sparkle DSMP324EGS
Emerald Green Sparkle DSMP324EGS Red Cherry Sparkle DSMP324RCSSatin Black DSMP324SBSatin Gold DSMP324SG


Shell Specs

Emerald Green Sparkle DSMP324EGS

North American Maple

Warm, Bright, Fast Decay
Lug Type: Bullet Tube Lug
Hoop Spec: 2.3 MM Triple Flanged
Plys: 6 (Tom) / 6 (Bass Drum)
Bearing Edge: 30/45 with slight round over
Suspension Mount Type: Fixed Pitch Mount

Shell Pack Details

ddrum product Image
  • 9x13 tom
  • 14x16 floor tom
  • 20x24 bass drum
  • Shell Pack only. Cymbals and hardware sold separately.

  • Fixtpitch mount
  • Reso lifts
  • Protective Rubber Claw hooks
  • Thin Maple shells
  • 30/45 bearing edge
  • 20 inch deep kick drum
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Classic bullet tube lug
  • 2.3mm Hoops
  • Evans heads included G2 For Batter, G1 for Resonant. EQ4 for Bass drum.
  • Add Ons

    Tom Toms
    Floor Toms
    Bass Drums
    Snare Drums

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