the Bombardier

The warm, focused, alder punch of Reflex meets the gargantuan scale of our Bombardier configuration which boasts ddrums largest shell sizes for thunderous collective sound. With size and power like this, you better believe it works for rock. Yet, some drummers gaze into this Silver Sparkle Wrap and see further possibilities... like blues the weight of a water tower... or surf the size of a Waimea Bay wave.

ddrum Reflex Bombardier


$ 1814.73 $999

ddrum Reflex Bombardier

The Kit

Own this amazing Silver Sparkle beauty today!


We wanted a professional sounding tone so we then turned to wood selection. We could either use lesser-quality versions of birch or maple, or try something completely different. This lead us to alder. This wood had a serious pedigree, being used in top quality vintage guitars and basses for over 50 years. Never for drums, we rolled the dice. The result has been the unofficial flagship of ddrum ever since. It birthed the term "Aldertone" to describe its elusive qualities.

ddrum Reflex Bombardier

Features you love

Fixtpitch Suspension mounts, Bass drum Resolifts, Evans OEM Batter heads: This kit is loaded right out of the box and ready for play.


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Fast and secure

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Designed for you

Made for drummers by drummers. We designed this kit from the ground up to be played in the practice room, studio, and stage.

Eyecatching Style

This kit comes with a stunning Silver Sparkle Wrap which is sure to please under concert lights!

Timeless Design

No matter your style of play, the Reflex Bombadier delivers. Our kits cover the entire pantheon of music styles and require only one thing: A burning desire to PLAY! You bring the passion, we'll handle the rest.

ddrum Reflex Bombardier

About ddrum

ddrum is a company of drummers for drummers. We’re that kid whose parents told us we were practicing too loud. We’re drummers that play weekend gigs. We’re that person who still gets excited when they see a beautiful drum kit.

ddrum Reflex Bombardier

Everything for Today’s Drummer

What this really means is that we make drums for you...all of you. Whether just getting started or starting your first tour; for a range of players, budgets and needs, ddrum has you covered. That’s what ddrum is all about...and we’re just getting started. We are ddrum!


Don’t take our word for it, read a few reviews for yourself....

ddrum Reflex Bombardier

I always wanted a Bonham sized kit, now through Ddrum I have one thats affordable and sounds great, thanks Ddrum.

ddrum Reflex Bombardier
ddrum Reflex Bombardier

When analyzing construction, sound, look, and especially price, the Ddrum Reflex is a drum kit that is worth every penny invested on.

ddrum Reflex Bombardier
ddrum Reflex Bombardier

Under the lights, these drums looked stunning; they received compliments from both band and audience members.

ddrum Reflex Bombardier


Need more info? We use only the latest in drum technology & quality materials.

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About the Reflex Series

It was a complex premise that started us on this road. Create a drum set that was visually and sonically stunning, while keeping it in the reach of drummers in the field. We wanted the shell hardware to be rock solid, so there would be no corners cut there. Great attack, amazing low end, and just enough mid-range to keep the note sweet. All, in a perfectly pre Eq'ed package. From the tone and affordability of Reflex standard, all the way to the swagger and style found in the new Rally Sport kit…Reflex covers the bases, from the garage to the arena!

ddrum Reflex Bombardier


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Reflex Series



$ 1814.73$999

Punishing sizes - with pleasing tone. The warm, focused, alder punch of Reflex meets the gargantuan scale of our Bombardier configuration.