Niki Skistimas of KRASHKARMA


My Dios kit is both road worthy and perfect in the studio. It gets and stays in tune with ease and all the components are durable and still look great after years of being rough with it! I couldn't be more pleased with my choice!

Niki Skistimas grew up in New Jersey listening to her parent’s record collection of mostly old country music and classic rock. Her favorite music to listen to was a Led Zeppelin box set that her uncle gave her for Christmas, Beastie Boys, and a Pink Floyd tape that she stole from her brother.

Throughout high school, she lived in Missouri and travelled to go see live concerts became her life obsession. Some of her favorites were 311, Incubus, Deftones, Helmet, Jane’s Addiction and Tool. Somewhere along the way, she decided that being a drummer was probably the coolest thing on earth she could do, so it began.

The journey of broadening her musical spectrum to include jazz and funk began when she ventured down to New Orleans to study drums. It was a wonderful experience, but she always knew she was meant for the west coast. Los Angeles is where she discovered her love for Punk rock. The first bands that she played live with were all basically L.A. punk bands. She’d played in several all-girl groups including "The Eyeshadows", "The Blue Bonnets" (featuring Kathy Valentine of the GoGo’s) and many more over the years. After growing in style and notoriety, she signed to a major label with a Funk, Trip hop/pop band called "Animastik".

In 2009, she started her own band, KRASHKARMA in which she sings and plays drums. KRASHKARMA have released 4 studio albums and have toured in 3 continents so far. This is the project that gets most of her attention although she still gets hired for drum workshops and tours with other Los Angeles based artists.

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Niki Skistimas
Niki Skistimas
Niki Skistimas

Niki's Kit Config

Niki Skistimas


About Dios

Originally introduced in 2009, the Dios Maple quickly rose to the position of our flagship drum kit. The combination of thin, North-American maple shells with a tube-style lug and thunderous 20" deep bass drums was a hit with artists and customers alike. As the market evolved, ddrum moved in those directions, and Dios was discontinued in 2012. It has however remained in the hearts and minds of our fans and every year we are asked: "Is Dios ever coming back?" Six years on, we can confidently say it's back...and better than ever.

Dios Features

  • FixPitch mount
  • Reso lifts
  • Protective Rubber Claw hooks
  • Thin Maple shells
  • 30/45 bearing edge
  • 20 inch deep kick drum
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Classic bullet tube lug
  • 2.3 mm Hoops
  • ddrum by Evans heads included: G2 Batter, G1 Resonant. EQ4 Bass drum.
  • 3 configurations
  • 2 snare sizes
  • Add on and individual drums available