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Drumming is a never ending journey. It's always a challenge, but I like that.

Growing up in the Northwest corner of Washington state in the small town of Clallam Bay, Kent Diimmel developed a passion for drums at a young age and instantly gravitated towards Rock, Singer-Songwriter and Country music. Being 1 of 38 people in his entire highschool, pursuing music was not an option in that area. After shedding through the local music scene, it was soon clear that Kent needed to expand his horizon beyond the limits of his hometown.

"Having 38 people in your entire highschool doesn't give you many opportunities as a musician, but it does give you plenty of practice time!"

In 2012 Kent decided to move to Hollywood California to pursue his dreams in music. He attended the world renowned Musicians Institute College on Hollywood Blvd. After graduation he was then hired at the college and became a part time employee. It was here that Kent got his feet wet playing in cover bands and original projects all over southern California.

Now rocking hard out of Seattle Washington, Kent Diimmel is currently touring/playing for the metal band In This Moment. Kent is also playing percussion in the acoustic super group Blackfall. Looking ahead into the future, Kent is actively pursuing his opportunities in the industry as a session and live performer. He is continuing to serve artists and producers with his Precise, Powerful and yet elegant style behind the drum kit both on and off stage.

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Kent Diimmel
Kent Diimmel
Kent Diimmel
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Kent's Kit Config

Kent Diimmel


About Dios

Originally introduced in 2009, the Dios Maple quickly rose to the position of our flagship drum kit. The combination of thin, North-American maple shells with a tube-style lug and thunderous 20" deep bass drums was a hit with artists and customers alike. As the market evolved, ddrum moved in those directions, and Dios was discontinued in 2012. It has however remained in the hearts and minds of our fans and every year we are asked: "Is Dios ever coming back?" Six years on, we can confidently say it's back...and better than ever.

Dios Features

  • FixPitch mount
  • Reso lifts
  • Protective Rubber Claw hooks
  • Thin Maple shells
  • 30/45 bearing edge
  • 20 inch deep kick drum
  • Chrome Hardware
  • Classic bullet tube lug
  • 2.3 mm Hoops
  • ddrum by Evans heads included: G2 Batter, G1 Resonant. EQ4 Bass drum.
  • 3 configurations
  • 2 snare sizes
  • Add on and individual drums available