Vintone Arbor™
5x14 Maple snare drum

New from ddrum - the VintoneArbor 5x14 Maple snare.

Classic 10-ply Maple snare with 45° edges and 2.4mm straight wall hoops. The 5x14" shell has great tone, bright crack and projection for the stage.

  • 5" x 14"
  • 10-ply maple shell
  • 45° inner cut with slight round over edge
  • standard snare bed
  • 2.4mm vintage straight wall hoops in chrome
  • classic lever throwoff
  • pure, crisp projection
  • SKU: VA SD 5X14 MPL

VintoneArbor 5x14 Maple snare
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ddrum's new Vintone™ Arbor series is a collection of wooden snare drums designed and built to color any musical canvas with tone, depth, clarity and personality. Our selection of shell woods, alternative bearing edges, and triple-flanged 2.3mm or vintage straight-walled 2.44mm hoops are tailored for different styles, situations and tastes.

Each Vintone™ Arbor snare can complement many playing styles - from jazz to metal, country to R&B - in the studio, or onstage. This array of choices makes Vintone™ Arbor the most diverse and complete wood snare lineup in ddrum history. Visit your nearest ddrum dealer and try them all!