Wood hoops with lacquer finishes are available for all finishes with the exception of Yellow Gold Fade.


Vinnie Paul Dragon Signature

Featuring some of the finest hardware available, Vinnie Paul's Signature Snares deliver big levels of quality and big level of tone. With 8" of eight-ply maple depth, this snare is ready to drive the rhythm of your next gig or studio session. The Dragon Snare features die-cast hoops and tube lugs and equipped with the highly regarded Dunnett throw off.

  • 8" x 14"
  • Eight-ply maple shell
  • Die-cast hoops
  • Dunnett throw off
  • Bullet lugs
  • Satin hardware
  • VP SD 8x14 Dragon

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Vinnie Paul is best known as one of the most influential heavy metal drummers. He is most often acknowledged for his work in Damageplan, Pantera and currently Hellyeah. While some drummers are good at playing double bass really fast, blast beats, country music, or some other genre of music on the drums, Vinnie can play any style. His unique style of drumming involves the standard heavy metal use of two bass drums, but generally with more complex rhythms and dynamics than is the norm for the genre. Vinnie also incorporates elements of progressive rock and swing into his playing.