Reflex Golf Ball

  • 6.5" x 13"
  • 1mm Steel shell
  • Golf ball finish
  • Lever & cam throw off
  • Face off lugs
  • 2.3MM Triple flange hoops
  • S5 SD 6.5x13 Golf


Reflex Golf Ball Snare, Black
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Reflex Golf Ball Snare, Red
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Reflex Golf Ball Snare, White
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The return of an original ddrum classic! The golf ball snare, takes a rolled steel shell, and adds even-spaced hammer marks all over the surface. The hammer marks interrupt the shell's vibration, and dry the sound out. This leaves for a fat, focused crack that’s at home in funk and R&B as well as the fastest speed metal. 13" diameter keeps the sound focused, while 6" depth gives it body and projection. Available in white, and red with black lugs.