Red Shot Triggers

The ddrum Red Shot Trigger is the low-cost alternative in the ddrum trigger line. They come in two different models: Snare/Tom Trigger and Kick Drum Trigger. They are mounted onto the hoop with one of the standard tension rods.

Red Shot triggers feature the same type of sensors as ddrum's Acoustic Pro Triggers, but with stripped-down mechanical construction. A 1/4" jack is supplied for connection to the sound module.

  • 1/4" connector
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Mounted w/tension rod
  • Precision response
  • Works with popular drum modules
  • Low cost alternative

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Only $99
RS Kit (photo)
· 1 Red Shot kick trigger
· 4 Red Shot snare/tom triggers

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Only $39
Red Shot kick trigger

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Only $19
Red Shot snare/tom trigger

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