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ddrum 200 watt electronic percussion amp

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The ddrum Kickback Amplifier is a compact drum amplifier with a 12" subwoofer, an adjacent 2-1/2" tweeter and a variety of features. The monitor also offers three 1/4" inputs, an XLR line out, an MP3 input and a headphone output. A 3-band EQ will hope you achieve the sound your desire. This model offers 200 watts of power.

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Kit Configuration
ddrum product Image fluid
Item ID
Black with Red accents
Product Details
Speakers 1x12 inch woofer. 1x1inch compression driver2- inputs 1/4 Plug in1- Aux input 1/4 Plug in1- headphone jack 1/8 Plug in1- MP3 jack 1/8 Plug1-Line out jack XLR
Wood Configuration
Lug Type
Hoop Spec
Plys Tom
Plys Bass Drum
Plys Snare Drum
Shell Construction
Bearing Edge Spec
Suspension Mount Type
Specs (Other)
Output power 200W/8 ohm x1 Speaker 500mW/32 Ohmx2 Headphone3- tone controls for Low,mids and highsadditional "crack" EQ for tailoring upper mid range to accentuate snare drum sounds and enhances presence on other instruments