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DD5X Electronic Kit

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The DD5X Electronic Drum Set is ddrum's re-entry into high-end electronic percussion. The "funbox" is a platform for drumming enjoyment, whether performing, recording, practicing or expanding your sonic and stylistic horizons. This kit features 3 chokeable cymbal pads, a hi-hat pedal, one kick pad and a kick drum pedal. The module is loaded with 696 percussion sounds and 10 trigger inputs. The module also offers MIDI I/O and USB connectivity. This kit includes a rackmount system and all connector cables.

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Kit Configuration
ddrum product Image fluid
Red with Black accents
Kit Configuration
3- 8 inch dual zone Tom pads 1- 10 inch dual zone tom pad 1- 10 inch dual zone snare pad 1-8 inch bass drum pad 2- 12 inch Chokable cymbals 1- 12 inch chokable hi hat 1-14 inch 3 zone Rid cymbal
Wood Configuration
Lug Type
Hoop Spec
Plys Tom
Plys Bass Drum
Plys Snare Drum
Shell Construction
Specs (Other)
Ddrum- DD5X drum kit -696 percussion sounds -10 Trigger/pad inputs - 1 hi hat controller -1 Bass drum pedal -3 sided chrome Rack -All dual zone snare/tom pads - All Chokable cymbals - Mylar drum heads on the pad