Mercury Red Top Throne

The look and feel of the kit means nothing without a seat that is study and comfortable. This velvet-top motorcycle seat is densely padded, for luxurious feel and firm support.

The screw post is great for the lowest sitting drummer to the highest sitting keyboardist — with the top of the throne reaching 25.5 inches. From the lowest to the highest position, this throne is ultra-stable.

In keeping with the styling of the Mercury series, this throne features double-D wing screws and molded feet, for a sleek look with maximum support.

  • double-braced Mercury quality
  • densely padded, red velvet-top motorcycle seat
  • stable throughout its wide range of height
  • Mercury molded feet for quiet stability

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Only $129


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Mercury by ddrum is a new series offering drummers responsive, reliable hardware choices - with sleek, distinctive looks.

Mercury was the Roman god of speed, communication, eloquence, travel, commerce, and financial gain. Whether you play drums for a living, or as your passion, let Mercury hardware be your ticket to success and musical expression!