Mercury 3-Legged Hi Hat Stand

This pedal is simple, elegant and inspiring - with true direct-pull system for fast hi hat action. The Art Deco-styled Mercury logo footboard is as functional as it is beautiful, allowing for the optimal balance of grip and slide.

Swivel-base legs allow for maximum flexibility in pedal positioning, while the adjustable spring tensioning unit awaits your preference.

  • double-braced Mercury quality
  • Distinctive Art Deco Mercury logo design on footboard
  • true direct pull system for fast hi hat action
  • swivel base legs for maximum flexibility in positioning
  • adjustable spring tensioning unit
  • Mercury molded feet for grip and resonance
  • SKU: MHH3L

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Only $139


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Mercury by ddrum is a new series offering drummers responsive, reliable hardware choices - with sleek, distinctive looks.

Mercury was the Roman god of speed, communication, eloquence, travel, commerce, and financial gain. Whether you play drums for a living, or as your passion, let Mercury hardware be your ticket to success and musical expression!