Christian "CC" Coma is the most recent member of Black Veil Brides. He's been playing drums on and off since he was 17 and started learning when he was little. He's been in many bands before BVB. Although he is the newest member he is welcomed to the band by fans, and fits right in. When asked how he got the chance to be in BVB he said, "I knew a couple of the bvb guys for a while now, I actually have played with them before. It kinda just worked out, ya know? Sucks about Sandra leaving, but everything happens for a reason and I wish her the best."

"I am very excited to be a part of this group/family. Everyone has treated me great so far, and the response from the fans has been unreal! I have 2,044 messages in my email box in a day and a half and they keep going up. I am anxious to meet everyone in person, and I hope everybody is ready for the BVB world take over!"

Christian Coma's ddrum kit

Dios Ash in custom flat black
7x10 tom
8x12 tom
9x13 tom
14x16 floor tom
16x18 floor tom
20x22 bass drum x2
5.5x14 Artisan Hammered Iron snare
Dios Ash Snare

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