Chrome Elite drum triggers represent our pinnacle of trigger construction and performance – in a brand-new chrome finish, with improved wiring harness and transducer for even better tracking, reliability & longevity.

DRT triggers

DRT (Dual Redundant Triggers) feature two transducers and a switching mechanism. This allows drummers to switch to an alternate transducer, without the need to unplug the XLR cable - for ultimate redundant reliability.


With their superb tracking ability, Acoustic Pro triggers set a new standard of trigger mechanics. With absolutely no adhesives required, the ddrum triggers clamp onto the sides of standard drum hoops.

REDSHOT triggers

Redshot triggers are the low-cost alternative in ddrum's trigger line. They come in two different models: snare/tom trigger and kick drum trigger.

ddrum's Trigger Tube

The Trigger tube is a single Zone pad used to Trigger sound samples. Its sleek design enable Players to incorporate electronics into their setup without sacrificing much room within the setup.

Chrome Elite Tour Pack

Chrome Elite Trigger Pack Features everything you need to Trigger your kit on the Road. Features CE Chrome Elite Trigger pack with all cables necessary. Includes a Snare Y cable to utilize Head and Rim shots separately. Include hard-shell travel case with foam interior.