DD5X electronic drum set

The all-new DD5X Electronic Drum Set is ddrum'sultimate electronic drum kit. Harness its powerful potential in all of your drumming endeavors!

  • 696 percussion sounds
  • 10 Trigger/pad inputs 
  • 1 hi hat controller
  • 3 sided chrome Rack
  • All dual zone snare/tom pads
  • All Chokable cymbals
  • Mylar drum heads on the pads

DD3X electronic drum set

The DD3X Electronic Drum Set is your platform for drumming enjoyment, whether performing, recording, practicing or expanding your sonic and stylistic horizons! Includes rackmount system, bass drum pedal, hi hat pedal, and all connector cables.

  • 218 drum/percussion sounds
  • 50 pre-programmed kits
  • 30 user-programmable kits
  • 4 dual-zone drum pads
  • bass drum pad
  • 2 chokeable cymbal pads + hi hat

DD1 electronic drum set

The DD1 Electronic Drum Set is a full-featured electronic drum set, ready to play right out of the box. A great first electronic kit, the DD1 comes complete with ddrum's DD1M Module that has 30 editable onboard kits! Go from a hard rock groove to a Caribbean beat or a custom groove with a simple push of a button.

  • ddrum® DD1M module
  • hi hat controller pedal
  • 4 single-zone drum pads
  • 1 mounted kick drum pad
  • rock-solid rack system
  • aux in

DDBETA electronic drum set

The DDBETA Electronic Drum Set is the answer, if practice and space are an issue. Perfect for apartment use, rehearsal, or to practice without waking the neighbors. Also great as a tool for beginners to hone their new drumming abilities. Compact design for easy transport. 32 onboard drum kits boasting an array of streamlined and most importantly, useable drum kits. DDBeta is the amazing AND affordable way to keep your drumming skills sharp!

  • Module Features 10 1/4 inputs
  • LINE IN 1/8 input
  • Headphone input
  • 32 Preset drum kits
  • 168 high sound quality audio
  • Metronome
  • Reverb

HYBRID drum kit

A fully functional acoustic drum kit that's augmented with our industry-standard Acoustic Pro triggers. They have been shock-mounted to the interior of the drum, and your XLR cables plug into the shells. This allows you to take full advantage of electronic options for sound reinforcement and/or replacement.

  • Face-Off lugs
  • die-cast bass drum claws
  • 2.3mm triple-flange hoops
  • 6-ply toms
  • 8-ply snare & bass drum


Chrome Elite drum triggers represent our pinnacle of trigger construction and performance – in a brand-new chrome finish, with improved wiring harness and transducer for even better tracking, reliability & longevity.

DRT triggers

DRT (Dual Redundant Triggers) feature two transducers and a switching mechanism. This allows drummers to switch to an alternate transducer, without the need to unplug the XLR cable - for ultimate redundant reliability.


With their superb tracking ability, Acoustic Pro triggers set a new standard of trigger mechanics. With absolutely no adhesives required, the ddrum triggers clamp onto the sides of standard drum hoops.

REDSHOT triggers

Redshot triggers are the low-cost alternative in ddrum's trigger line. They come in two different models: snare/tom trigger and kick drum trigger.

ddrum's Trigger Tube

The Trigger tube is a single Zone pad used to Trigger sound samples. Its sleek design enable Players to incorporate electronics into their setup without sacrificing much room within the setup.

Chrome Elite Tour Pack

Chrome Elite Trigger Pack Features everything you need to Trigger your kit on the Road. Features CE Chrome Elite Trigger pack with all cables necessary. Includes a Snare Y cable to utilize Head and Rim shots separately. Include hard-shell travel case with foam interior.

DDA50 Percussion Amp

Output power 50W/8 Ohm X1 Speaker 
500mW/32 Ohmx2 Headphone
3 - EQ controls for Low,mids and hights.
Volume control for channel 1 and 2 inputs

DDA200 Percussion Amp

Output power 200W/8 ohm x1 Speaker 
500mW/32 Ohmx2 Headphone
3 - tone controls for Low,mids and highs