ddrum's 10th Anniversary Kit

Since 2005, ddrum has been redefining the definition of a "production drum kit". The innovation continues with the introduction of ddrum's Limited Edition "10th Anniversary" Kit.'

  • maple/alder shells
  • fixtpitch suspension mount
  • die cast drum claws & resolifts

USA Standard

The prestige of our USA custom series, in a streamlined package! Offered in two pre-packaged configurations: Player and Powerhouse. Four, flawless satin finishes available as well as limited add on's. The drums feature our ultra-thin, all-maple USA shells, the same shell used on our USA custom series. '

  • maple shells
  • RIMS mount suspension system
  • die cast drum claws

Paladin series

Paladin Maple is the perfect mix of woods, allowing the brighter tone of maple and the warmth of poplar to coexist.

When low end and dark tone are called for, Paladin Walnut fits the bill, yet preserves a
wide tuning range.

Paladin series ad

  • Fixtpitch suspension mounts
  • bass drum Resolifts
  • 4-ply tom shells
  • 8-ply Vintageblend snare & bass drum shells
  • Faceoff lugs

Reflex series

A first in the drumming world! Much like our experimentation with ash in previous lines, ddrum® has now turned to another tried and true tone-wood, alder! Used in guitars for years, this exceptional wood has a warm and focused tone, almost "naturally equalized". We call it Aldertone®. It makes for a pure and focused drum sound, with smooth overtones and a warm decay.

  • Fixtpitch suspension mounts
  • bass drum Resolifts
  • Face-Off lugs
  • die-cast bass drum claws
  • 2.3mm triple flange hoops
  • 6 ply toms
  • 8 ply snare & bass drum


For the discerning professional, looking to take the next step in their musical journey: the Dios series. The M and Fade Series feature thin, all-maple shells, combined with low-mass bullet lugs, and 2.3 triple-flanged hoops, for the ultimate in resonant tone. The Dios Ash series features all-ash shells.

See the dios series

  • North American maple or ash shells
  • 6 ply toms, 8 ply bass drum
  • lacquer finishes

Journeyman series

The Journeyman series offers custom features and touring quality at a fantastic price! Its 18x22 bass drum, standard in all configurations, is a street sweeper - complemented by the authoritative crack of the 7x13 snare (7x14 in Double Down configuration).

  • Custom features, touring quality, fantastic price
  • 100% basswood shells
  • powder coated black hardware, die-cast hybrid lugs & claws

Journeyman2 series

The Journeyman2 series offers New & Improved set ups! Complete with Updated sized, updated claws and bass drum mount!

  • New & Improved Kits!
  • Birch/bass wood shells
  • powder coated black hardware, die-cast hybrid lugs & claws

D series

It was very important for ddrum® to make strides in dealing with the beginner and intermediate player. This led to the development of the d-series... a line of drums to not only get a player started on their journey, but to offer a bit of flexibility, at price points that fall well within most budgets.

  • from student to full gig-ready kits
  • jazz to rock and metal... d-series has you covered!
  • add-on drums available in some kits

Hybrid kit

A fully functional acoustic drum set that has been augmented with our industry-standard Acoustic Pro triggers. They have been shock mounted to the interior of the drum, and the cable plugs into the shell. This allows you to take full advantage of electronic options for sound reinforcement and replacement.

  • Birch shells
  • internal Pro Series triggers
  • triple-flange hoops
  • shell-mounted XLR inputs

SE Flyer

Whether you're playing burning jazz, or are short on space, the new SE Flyer can get you where you're going! Premium basswood shells provide a warm, focused tone. Low mass hardware allows for minimal shell contact, while the bass drum lift allows for a truly versatile tone from the 18" kick. Includes bass drum mounted tom holder for minimal set up footprint. All at a price as small as the risers in an NY club!

  • Configuration: 8x12 Rack tom, 14x14 Floor tom, 14x18 Bass drum, 5.5x14 Snare drum
  • Shells: Basswood Shells
  • Lug Type: Single Point Round
  • Hoop Spec: 1.6 MM Triple Flanged
  • Plys Bass Drum: 8
  • Plys Snare Drum: 8
  • Plys Toms: 6