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Ddrum is proud to announce the addition of new Defiant Series drum kits to our ever-growing arsenal of gear. These pre-configured double-bass kits are Ddrum's answer to the demands of countless heavy hitters.


By combining the sonic bite of Basswood shells, the visual blast of black powder-coated shell-hardware, and a choice of three stunning sparkle lacquer finishes, the new Defiant configuration brings the mayhem back into high-octane playing. A workhorse for the that is not only at home for the guys that are putting Extreme Metal on the map in the current wave (like Travis Smith from Trivium, Dave McClain from Machinehead, and Derek Kerswill from Unearth,) but the guys who helped start it (like Pete Sandoval from Morbid Angel, Brad Roberts from Gwar, and Steve Asheim from Deicide.)
The kit's contrasting sparkle-finish/black-hardware combination give it striking visual appeal. Basswood shells mean VOLUME, shorter toms mean better rebound for faster playing, and the two 18"x22" kick sizes are perfect for blast beats. The new Remo head package means it is ready to kill out of the box, and it is as at home on the festival stage as it is in a dingy club.

In short, the kit is METAL! Here are the specs:

Two 18"x22" kicks
  • 14"x16" floor tom
  • 8"x12" rack tom
  • 7"x10" rack tom
  • 5.5"x14" snare
  • Sparkle Lacquer Finishes: Gray, Black, or Red
  • New Defiant Badge
  • Black Powder-coated hardware
  • 2.5mm Hoops
  • Basswood Shells (6-ply toms, 8-ply kick and snare)

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