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ROAD REPORT w/drummer Jeff Fabb

Jeff Fabb is the drummer for Century Media artists In This Moment. Fresh from a successful Ozzfest run and a tour with Megadeth, the band is currently on the road in North America with Ozzy Osbourne and Rob Zombie.

"To be on this tour is a dream come true! The bands, the people, the crew; everyone is so cool and pro. I am a huge Ozzy and Sabbath fan (I remember playing "Iron Man" in my basement with childhood friends, I think that was one of everyone's first songs to jam!) so the fact that we are on this tour is amazing!

Here is how it usually breaks down every night: we normally go on at around 7:00. I am currently playing a Ddrum Dominion Maple kit with two 20x22" kicks, 10" and 12" racks, and 14" and 16" floors. The kit rocks, I feel like I am taking over the world when I am playing it on stage! Ddrum has incredible snare drums; I have been rotating between a Dios 7x13" Walnut, and the 7x14" engraved Aluminum "Heavy Hitter" model (Shawn Drover from Megadeth got me hooked on that one!)

After we are done with our set we take a minute in the dressing room, and discuss the night with our manager, "Blasko". Then we get ready to watch one of the best stage shows ever: Rob Zombie! His show is sick, and all the players in the band (not to mention the dancers,) are killer! There are flames on this stage that seem to almost hit the ceiling! I couldn't imagine how hot it is for them on stage.

To watch Ozzy, Zakk, Blasko, and Mike kill it from side stage is indescribable. True rockers at their best, giving you what you paid for: a great rock show!


Then we get on our new bus (take a look at the pic, our bus has us plastered all over it; how cool is that?!) and head for the next town to repeat the cycle! We are on the road through January with this tour, it is flying by for me, and I wish it wasn't. The Bands, the arenas, the bus, it's the best ever! The fact that my drum tone is mammoth doesn't hurt either. Rock on!"



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