d1 configuration

  • Bass Drum: 10" x 16"
  • Snare Drum: 4" x 12"
  • Tom Tom: 5" x 8"
  • Tom Tom: 5" x 10"
  • Floor Tom: 14" x 16"

In addition to the drums listed above, the d1 kit also includes:

  • Crash ride cymbal
  • Hi hat cymbals
  • Stands
  • Bass drum & hi hat pedals
  • Throne
  • Sticks


Black-finished, fiberglass shells, 6" in diameter and in lengths from 6" to 24", the prefect accent to your kit. Mount them in traditional descending order, or place them around the kit, for unexpected accents.



  • Great student / first kit

Complete, ready-to-play drum kit includes:

  • crash/ride cymbal
  • hi-hat cymbals
  • stands
  • bass drum & hi hat pedals
  • throne
  • sticks


d1, Midnight Black
5-pc. D1 configuration
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d1, Police Blue
5-pc. D1 configuration
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For the aspiring percussionist, we offer the d1. A complete drum set, ready to play! Cymbals throne and hardware all included. Available in midnight black and police blue. Get the musical journey started off right!